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A game inspired by how confusing driving in Boston is. Seriously, we once came upon a 7 way intersection where one of the streets was crossing itself. How does that happen!? Our game explains that.

Made in 52 hours on a train by Brice Puls and Ryan Wiemeyer for Train Tam 2015. Additional art by the wonderful Eric Huang.

Controls: (requires 2 controllers) Left stick and A button, figure it out.

How to play:

  1. Select a home and aim your arrow to start a road. Connect homes of your color to jobs of your color.
  2. Once connected, constituents will drive to work. Each time they arrive you get a point.
  3. Unconnected colored homes and jobs will slowly generate negative points the longer they are disconnected.
  4. Grey homes and jobs are neutral and can be claimed.
  5. Cross over your opponents roads or intersections to create traffic jams that favor your color.
PlatformsWindows, Unity
AuthorsHats, Brice Puls

Install instructions

download. unzip. play.


BostonCityPlanner.zip 12 MB